In the summer of 1985 U.P.S. went on a U.S. Tour which covered the East Coast, Midwest, and Southeast United States:  “the Ugly In Public Tour”. In the spring of ’85 the band went into the the studio at Tape Techtronic Studios in Tucson, to record a 5 song demo. The demo was included in a promo packet sent to booking agents for getting shows for the tour. These are those 5 songs. Special bonus tracks are added of a live show, U.P.S.’s 2nd gig, with Larvae on vocals and the first with Paul on lead guitar.

This lineup included:

  1. Larvae E. Kudish on vocals

  2. Paul ‘Shitbird’ Young* on lead guitar

  3. Slug Useless on guitar

  4. Fudge Pieces on bass

  5. Dog Shit on drums

  6. Paul Young left the band before the ‘Ugly In Public Tour’ for personal reasons.

Ugly In Public Tour Demo

Released Summer of 1985

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